Creating Community where we ARE! 

Applying what we've learned so far!




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Happy Winter to all our community building friends out there! 


Since beginning this adventure of creating intentional community, manifesting land has been the focus. Or rather the resources, networking and connections that will lead to the land that will provide the space to gather.

In all of our planning and preparing to create community, one key aspect regarding land ownership always stood out, no ONE person can own the land. 

Now maybe this is where all projects intersect because for us and the project we are seeking this is critical.

We want to create a structured space. Not structure by means of rules, this is a different type of structure.

When a group of people come together through powerful intention and consciously performs acts of intention upon the community soil, water, foods, individuals,planet, etc. These intentional acts will literally STRUCTURE the energy field or source field around the entire space. 

There is something very literal, very natural and very amazing that will happen to the entire space and every atom involved including us. As the intentional community, we will initiate super human abilities including brain expansion, increase telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection, OBE, Lucid dreaming, etc.

So for our project, we are going to create the living laboratory to study, record and engage with our evolution! For a vision like this, what better way to start than on liberated land owned by us all through original birthright.


We have come to know of how to gain access to long term leases (up to 99 years) through the Forest Service. These are laws of opportunity written when the Forest service was created. These laws offer special rights for 75 citizens to gather to exercise their first article right to assemble, speak and worship. 


Today we are preparing to submit our own packet. We are preparing to start looking for forest space. We are preparing to announce our location to begin the gathering!



If you are interested in the data that we have collected we would be happy to share!



We are helping create community spaces in and around SUNNY VALLEY OREGON! I know right!?!?  

We have planted a community garden and established a sacred space of love to gather as we assemble our family * tribe

We are helping to establish a transition center in Sunny Valley to provide knowledge, encouragement and a new perspective to individuals and families so that they may begin to thrive once more!

Come get involved and become part of a larger solution to healing and living sustainably.  


For the Creation of Intentional Communities

planting seeds


Community Gardens

The primary objective and purpose of this non-profit organization shall be to increase the general public awareness of and participation in a lifestyle that is ecologically sustainable. 

Project 1 GATHER Find Community

Our family is embarking on our greatest adventure yet! 


We have created this non-profit organization For the Creation of Intentional Communities which seeks to research educate and practice tribal and community gathering, alignment and ultimate living. Before we begin building our own Community Transition Center, we are hitting the road on an educational tour to visit communities, festivals and markets. Connect * Share knowledge * Explore! Now we are preparing a space to begin to gather! ARE YOU PACKED AND READY??


Project 2   ALIGN
Build Community

A living classroon and transition center


We will create and study a full scale demonstration project of a sustainable society as an educational, spiritual and scientific forum on the social and technological issues involved in creating a truly ecologically and socially sustainable evolution center. This demonstration project is intended to grow to have the size and recognition necessary to have an influence on the global community by example, research and education. The conclusions of this study will be available open source to all, so that all may enjoy the many benefits. 

Giving Stream Grant Program provides scholorships and grants to others seeking to create or expnad thier community.

Project 3 THRIVE
Explanded Living 

​When we can live in an intentional environment that provided all our basic needs... we could then begin to truly live free.


It is our vision to create a living environment that promotes/encourages enlightenment, self-sufficiency, self reliance, self discovery and self-empowerment.


We can then explore and experiment the many ways we can refine our mind, body and soul.