The Opportunity Study

A Liberty Council



We, students of life, believe there is a common need to organize, to represent ourselves to the public, our mission partners and to introduce an Opportunity Study and a council for the pursuit of Liberty.

We believe every individual has an unalienable right to the viable pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

We believe in the development of the whole person towards his/her personal and professional role with its rights, responsibilities and ideals.

We believe every individual possesses inherent spirit and drive to explore and pioneer new ideas and paths of innovation.



As Students we have the right and responsibility to

• a viable, relevant and useful education:

• an exploratory and creative educational opportunity;

• having the highest quality mentors, instructors, advisors and teachers;

• an objective advisor for all educational, pre-professional, and professional interests;

• achieving input into curriculum planning;

• achieving self-directed learning customized to the region, industry and individual goals;

• achieving equal participation in life skills and Career and College Ready programs;

• participating in interdisciplinary activities;

• due process to explore, research, apply and report:

• insuring peer review and self-evaluation;

• self-governance;

• to organize and participate in an organization directed towards achieving personal and professional goals;

• facilitating change in education and industry delivery through various channels;

• assembling, assessing and exploring personal, educational and professional issues and concerns;

• organizing a flexible structure to encompass and represent the diversities within youth, policy, learning avenues, industry;

• fostering a better correlation between preschool to success in higher education and beyond;

• be representative of the fundamental and current professional issues and concerns;

There is a great deal of attention throughout the nation today on the readiness of young adults ages 14 to 24. This focus is specifically concerned that the young adults today are unprepared for life after high school. Oregon has declared a State of Emergency concerning the current state of the young adults and the missing link between standard education and real life application. We intend to study industry opportunity through working models to examine if a tangible outcome of success is recognized by the participating youth called Interns.


We have created a council to explore the attainable opportunity available to young adults today. The council will observe the Institutes industry models and the youth interns participating in the hands-on study.  The council seeks to establish what opportunity has been presented and whether its outcome is still achievable. Participants will contribute their ideas of the opportunity presented to them through education, media, social circles, etc. and evaluated if these ideas are accurate and obtainable.