Melissa and Aleah

This is Melissa and Aleah

We are two sixteen year olds who started dating when we were fifteen. And we are now going on tour with Melissa's parents as a part of "For the Creation of Intentional Communities". This is where we are going to tell our side of the story and share with everyone what is happening on our journey.

While we are on tour and visiting different communities with our family on the side we make moon phase t-shirts and sell them for our entrepreneurship project in our home schooling/unschooling program. At the same time I'm sure you know we are also making tutu's, tie-dying tapestries, bags and neck coolers by reusing old hospitality sheets from hotels. We are doing this to help found our tour. :)

We are very excited to continue this journey and share with you all! Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy our video and learn a little bit about who we are.

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