Masters of our Trades


Work-Based Learning Instructors / Master Trades People

A mentor is a counselor, guide, tutor, or coach. Most interns seek out internships in order to develop their own career goals. Mentors help guide students though their experience. Valuable internship experiences not only include effective supervision, but also, encouragement, a large component of mentoring.   This may mean allowing or inspiring the student to participate in events that may not normally be open to entry level professionals, such as certain staff meetings, client consultations, or other work related events. Even though these events may not be directly tied to the intern's specific job duties, they will help provide a broad overview of your business or organization. 

A mentoring relationship is valuable for both the intern and the professional.  The intern has the opportunity to consider his or her experience.  The mentor can pass on a wealth of experience and knowledge, and benefits from a fresh viewpoint and new ways of thinking. 

Mentor Qualifications


Requirements for practicing teacher-coordinators may be categorized as

(a) General education requirements,

(b) Occupational experience,

(c) Occupational study/courses related to Internship, and

(d) Licensure compliance.


An individual who holds an endorsement from the Peer Review Panel of Master Trades People in industry, agricultural, education, business, marketing, family and consumer sciences, health careers, or technology education may qualify for designation as a Work-Based Learning instructor/ trade Mentor by meeting the additional standards and qualifications