Offering young adults 14 to 24 explaination, exploration and experience in Personal presentation * Ethics * Industry * Higher Education * Community action

Hands-on Experience


By expanding the current services and programs available at a seasonal inn and restaurant, into a vocational internship and living classroom a new way of career readiness is discovered. Through normal business operations of most industries an educational element can be added that transforms all participants. The students become empowered by the satisfying feeling of hands on, interactive learning which transforms them into Interns.  The vocational trainers are empowered by the contagious enthusiasm of the newly transformed interns and evolve into the role of Mentor.


Through mentoring programs and internships these new explorers and pioneers of better ways are guided through vocational introduction and industry preparation. This is an opportunity to empower and encourage them as they chart a course to their true life’s purpose. Oregon Institute for A Better Way partnerships will help identify mentors who will join the community of practice, along with informal, community based practitioners, and industry partners. Working together to understand each other’s needs and viewpoints we will forge a common vision that will enable us to see the myriad of collaboration opportunities available for the benefit of all students.

Benefits to Students


• Career related experience

• Gains practical knowledge

• Opportunity to explore career avenues

• Valuable work experience for their resumes

• Potential to earn academic credit

• Increased self-confidence

• Enhances conventional classroom learning methods

• Letter of recommendation from departments supervisor

• Obtain references from co-workers

Internship Costs and Compensation


This Vocational Internship program is designed to provide free industry and education knowledge, training and introduction. The Internship program is designed to lead the intern on a journey through self-awareness, community action, personal preparedness, industry models, educational outcomes and systems navigation.


First year Novice: Life Skills and Systems Navigation  - unpaid internship

This initial tool set is offered as a free exchange to every young adult interested.


Second year Novice:    Industry Introduction – paid internship


Third year Novice – Qualified: Industry Induction – paid internship based on qualification and peer review endorsement


Fourth year Qualified – Industry – paid internship based on qualification and peer review endorsement


Fifth year Qualified – Industry – Education -  paid internship based on qualification and peer review endorsement


Unpaid interns and volunteers have the same legal rights as employees in regards to protection against discrimination and harassment. However, interns and volunteers do not have the same rights as employees in the realms of unemployment compensation or termination procedures.

How to Apply


The internship application process is designed to be simple yet offer an in depth view of the skills, interests and goals of each intern.



Complete the on-line application 

Attend a meeting with the Internship- Coordinator

Complete the custom work-study agreement

Attend an orientation

Meet your Mentor

Start personal prerequisite work-shops and classes

Begin your customized internship