The Oregon Institute for A Better Way is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 educational program where the exploration of new ideas is seeded for the next generation of explorers to harvest.

We see that our future is greatly influenced by how we get involved as the local community. The Oregon Institute for A Better Way holds a vision of common purpose in the support of human liberty, community empowerment and resource stewardship. We believe tangible wealth stems from the earth and that a local economy based on the skillful, sensitive use of local, natural resources will provide the best foundation for a sustainable future.



We have created a living classroom through the successful operating of multi-purpose businesses incorporating the most frequently employed industries. We offer real examples of industry and service that has generated an experience based curriculum. This curriculum educates, empowers and prepares Oregon's young workforce.  We collect and share data on the outcomes of these models and participants. This encompassing model involves the participants in the procedure and accountability of graduate level research. We offer a powerful model for cross industry education and life empowerment of all Oregonians.