a living classroom

and vocational internship

Excellence in Industry



Industry representatives have expressed a need for employees with critical thinking and communication skills who were motivated, innovative, problem-solvers. There is a serious need for a common vocabulary, young adults entering the work place are lacking in professional presentation including industry language. The lack of industry vocabulary is due to the lack of first-hand or interactive industry experience. Also acknowledged was the need in many communities for economic development to attract businesses, creating and retaining jobs and talent.


Comforts and Recuperation

Bringing the purpose of lodging back to its core through the conscious consideration for comforts and recuperation. The wary traveler comes for the restful space and fulfilling supplies. Today, these comforts still include soft bedding and soothing refreshments. Excellence in hospitality combines attention to service and comfort with details of fulfilling amenities.

Foods production

Sacred Science of Food

The greatest knowledge we can share is the process of creating a garden that feeds the people. There is a powerful plethora of gifts that come from the production, processing and sharing of foods. Building community gardens combined with the teaching of children produces flourishing gardens capable of feeding many minds bodies and souls.


History through Tourism

Knowing about where we live makes us apart of where we call home. This intimate understanding and connection opens the door to sharing that knowledge and appreciation. Tourism is an industry striving to adapt quickly with the economy and the changing vacation ideas of the new generations. 

Cottage Industries

Exploring the history and new frontiers of cottage industry from metal working to beading. This is a return to hand crafts and forging resources into valuable exchange. This industry is establishing trading markets for goods and open source instruction and pattern sharing..

Foods Service

Frontier of Foods

Combining the history of foods on the frontier and the new frontier of good healthful eating.  Reintroducing wild foods from our hunter forager linage. Delivering garden to plate dishes with seasonal menus and family style dining.  Excellence in food service moves away from processed manufactured suppliers and returns to the local cooperatives and partnerships to deliver fresh, living and healthful foods.

Child rearing

Sacred Science of the Child Mind

Once upon a time... the child's mind was referred to as having wishful or magical thinking. That hopeful child mind has been lost through conformity and loss of security.  It takes a village to raise a child and this begins with conscious conception parenting courses through new parent mentoring, mommy and me activities, breastfeeding mentoring, pre-school cooperatives and kindergarten readiness.


Alternative Building

Alternative living that seeks harmony with the Earth elements brings the industry of alternative building. Realizing the true dimensions of necessary personal space and exploring innovative ways to maximize that space. This industry reaches from yurts to hobbit houses in the exploration of tiny living spaces


Alternative Energy Sources

Exploring the many avenues of alternative energy that support perpetual sustainability and responsible innovation. This industry is ready for new thinkers to introduce better ways to harness and share energy.