We have begun to look at this evolutionary process like scientists in that we are ready to experiment with these newly realized equations of nature and creation.

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Today we are studying the Forest Service policy, standards and Laws to better prepare to apply for a 99 year lease of enough public land to co-create an center for evolution. The main stipulations of the permitting are a group of 75 or more citizens intentionally gathered together to do non-commercial activities.

We seek 75 or more science minded individuals interested in creating a living laboratory to observe, study and intentionally motivate evolution.





Organic foods and Detox

Dr. Joe Dispenza – mind and intention power

Dr. Masaru Emoto Water discovery

http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html  apply intention, 72 names of God, Aquaponics, Human connection, etc

I AM / unveiled mysteries

Don Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements 

Brian Weiss - Many lives Many Masters

Past lives


The Secret http://thesecret.tv/ Power of Attraction

Transcendual Meditation http://www.tm.org/

Jose Silva  http://www.silvalifesystem.com

Quantum Jumping http://www.quantumjumping.com/

Alchemy – mysteries of the cathedrals

Vibration therapy


Nikola Tesla

David Wilcock and the Source Field Investigations

What the Bleep do we Know


Creating Shambalah

Intention Conscious acts of Creation RESTRUCTERING Space – William Tiller


Dream mastery

Brain Expansion and unlocking - Rosicrucian concentration and attention exercises

Telepathy & Telekinesis –  Sheldrake

Human connection - Community

Sacred Geometry 

This is a quest to share
This is a quest to share

To act on this inclination to gather
To act on this inclination to gather

To change our world
To change our world

This is a quest to share
This is a quest to share


This movement involves the awakening of humanity here on Earth and the desire to discover and remember ourselves. Like us, many individuals and groups of people are realizing that something significant is occurring in nature around and inside of us. Like us, people are searching for the knowledge and resources to become enlightened and evolved. We have discovered a process in which a group of people could come together in full intent to create an environment conducive for spiritual advancement and evolution.