Keeping in touch!

FIND US DEEP IN our Projects!! 

Presently in Sunny Valley, Oregon


We are back in Sunny Valley with our good friend helping her "UNSTUFF" herself from years of excess things. We 

are making great headway and have begun holding our weekly community gathering potlucks! We hope to find a community garden space so that we can feed the poeple!

We are still looking for the right place to gather and collecting our 75+ people to apply for our land permit! Are you ready to get involved??!!


INSPIRED by food and volunteerism!  Raptor Creek Farm, Grants Pass Oregon

On a drive recently we came accross our favorite kinds of PlAyGrOuNdS... 


This is no ordinary garden, this is a huge garden that feeds many food banks that FEED MANY PEOPLE! What a great expereice to visit and tour this grand facility. The project is put is place with true intention to feed and heal everyone they can. What an inspiration to our whole family. Check it out!


March 28, 29, 30  Douglas County Fair Grounds, Roseburg, Oregon


Here we are ready to celebrate spring and plant some seeds of awareness! Come find us and see some of our newest editions!


October 18 - 20  Newport Beach, California


This was a thrilling event where we had the privledge to meet and listen to Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and even Dr. Joe Dispenza! A perfect event that attempts to get people to to engage in changing the world! We were excited because we have already taken a HUGE leap into the global energy for change! The firewalk was AMAZING!! Sean walked accross TWICE!! Here's to LIFE CHANGING EVENTS!


October  5-6  Deep in the Ashland area mountains

What an amazing new moon spent with the beautiful TiPi Village! 

The trek up the mountain took Ol' Bessy to the brink but we made it to the tip of the Earth! Our visit with this amazing family will stay with us forever! We learned so much from them all, expecially the absolutly enlightened children! Our hearts and souls are connected and we will to take the message of Land Liberation Project and TiPi Village with us. 

Jolly Giant Flea Mart

October 12-13  Redding, California

Here In Redding we will be set up at the JOLLY GIANT FLEA MART this Saturday and Sunday! Many new tapestries will be out! Come see us and connect! So much to show you!

Thanks to all the people we connected with! You give us so much energy to take along with us!

Mount Shasta Beauty

October 6-8  Mt Shasta, California

Spending a few days in Mount Shasta has been wonderful! The crisp fresh air and pure water is a sure reminder that this is a special place! We have enjoyed our connection with the Earth's root chakra! What a great way to conclude the new moon phase! Off we go now to REDDING!


Incredible Synchronicity

October 20th   Irvine, California


Thanks to Amorra Raa for getting us into the Holistic Fair last minute! I love when the Universe brings together the right situation at the right moment! This trip is full of these affirmations that we are exactly where we are supposed to be! All our love goes out to the people that donated towards our project and gave loving homes to our tapestries! Such incredible people that we connected with just down the road from the Be the Change event!! AWESOME!!  Maybe not EVERYONE is asleep in Southern California!!  Not a bad set up for such a small space! 

College Street Market

October 26  Palm Desert, California


After the final event in the LA area we headed for the hills!! We left towards Arizona, stopping in Palm Springs for what looks like another week! We spent the first week replenishing our souls and contemplating all that we had experienced up to this point. We tie dyed and soaked in the mineral baths! On Saturday we headed to the College Street Market which connected us to a few awakening minds... the rest were mostly sleep walking!!  We are watching people absorb or refuse the energy! What an amazing perspective!

Our energy certainly changes the entire event and that is special! 

Desert Sunsets 

October 27  Desert Hot Springs, California


Today we are catching up with our connections and preparing to head to a new camp spot. We are staying in the area another week to attend a few more events to connect. We are going to get into the Thursday night market in Palm Springs, the Cathedral City's Farmers Market and the Palm Springs Pride March! SO much to do and SO many people to connect with! We are keeping our hearts and souls connected to the Universe ~ Mother Earth and each other including all of YOU! We feel your encouragement and loving energy!! Namaste 

Cathedral City Marketplace 

November 2  Cathedral City, California


What a great surprise to be invited to the marketplace! This was a fun day of connecting, planting and even Taro! We had a feeling to bring our cards along with our book... I am glad we did because we were asked for a reading! super fun when the Universe inspires us to be prepared! We love it! Thanks to all our new friends! Tomorrow we will be at the Pride Parade! woot woot! 


November 3  Palm Springs, California


In this adventure so far, finding community has at times been hard. But during this weekend we experienced community in two special places! On Halloween we shared a meal and celebration with the Horizon RV park which was a true community of friends. On Sunday we found community in the PRIDE celebration of diversity! What a beautiful lesson from the Universe! 

Escaping California!! 

November 4-6,  Quartzsite, Arizona


Crossing the border into Arizona literally felt like escaping! It has been difficult in California since the energy is so oppressive. It seems like even the awake and aware in California are unable to get away or even see the ball and chain! We immediately felt a change in the energy as we headed on to Quartzsite! This is an oasis in the desert that sees more than one MILLION travelers during the winter months! There is BLM land everywhere offering free dry camping for 14 days at a time! This was a great place to relax rock hound and stargaze! This is certainly a place that gypsy communities gather! I love it! Vendors are everywhere! We would like to return to set up for a couple days! If you make it to Quartzsite look for a family selling HIPPY CLOTHES and offering free Taro readings!! GREAT NEW FRIENDS OF OURS!!

Sedona Here We COME!! 

November 6 ,  Lake Havasu City, Arizona


We spent the night at a state park outside Lake Havasu City which was beautiful! Sean and I slept in a tent under the stars! Only one little problem... we thought the Cyotes were bad in Palo Cedro...

OH MY GOSH!! they actually came into the campsite to scream at the campers!!  

We left the next morning!   

Pit Stop on the way to SEDONA!! 

November 7 ,  Kingman, Arizona November 8, Flagstaff, Arizona


Stopped outside Kingman to finish cleaning and preparing for off grid living for a few days! This camp was also a horse hotel!!! hahahahahaha cool!  Then we stopped in Flagstaff for the night and Mel and Aleah were able to finally celebrate thier ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! Congrats to them both! 

The Full Moon in SEDONA!! 

November 9 - 18 ,  Sedona, Arizona


What a wonderful time to be in Sedona! There is something magical about this place! We have studied about the four major vortexes and even learned more about the medicine wheel. We camped on Forest Service land for 8 days! This was a great experience as we learned to live lightly! The morning after the full moon we were fortunate to see a meteor!! Wow what an amazing site! We are all feeling the amazing energy found here in Sedona and we will take all that we have felt and learned with us!

Community in Quartzsite!! 

November 19 - December 2 Quartzsite, Arizona


We have returned to this place in Arizona known as "The Gathering Place". Such a neat event happens here! So many people come to this area to reconnect it literally brings over a million people during the winter! We thought this was a great place to return and set up! We will be here through the first to participate at a craft fair! We look forward to meeting as many people as we can before we venture home to manifest our dreams! 

Home for the Holidays! 

December 16 - January 2 Stockton & Redding California, Roseburg & Newport Oregon


This holiday season we have come home different people and a much stronger family. We have returned to first celebrate our family and then the winter solstice and all our hope and vision for the new year. We are spending this time reviewing all our journey allowed us to experience and see where we are being led to next. Best wishes to you all!

New Year! New Beginning and New Perspectives! 

January 5- January 24 Roseburg, Oregon


After a Holiday celebration beyond words we are back in Roseburg feeling ready to get to work! First on our to do list, is to help a fellow community builder get off the ground so she can get off the grid! (-: Anyone that has already dropped the house and job know what kind of total "house cleaning" this requires! We are taking the time to help where ever we can.  Service grounds you and reminds you about what is important. 

Weekend Set-up! 

March 22 and 23  Dutch Brothers off Diamond Lake Blvd, Roseburg, Oregon

Here we are soaking up some sun and meeting great people! Great way to get us back into the groove before Spring Fair!

Community Circle! 

February 22 Mystic Earth Metaphysical Super Store!, Roseburg, Oregon

The first of many gatherings to share community building information, support and energy! Land opportunities that enable the intentional community creation! More to come! 

September 28th 2013

We will be at the Umpqua Farmers Market on October 28th from 9am to 1pm. Come see what we have been up to and where are going! Want to get involved?? We will hold a memebership and board meeting at Sunshine park off Diamond Lake Blvd at 4pm.   


New Adventures Begin

Misty Burris August 27, 2013


Today we embark on an adventure that will help define our life's Magnum Opus. Our great work. Having fully organized our non-profit the FCIC, we are ready to take off full speed ahead! We will be scheduling visits to communities, festivals, markets, conferences and events to research, explore, play and learn. We intend to return to Oregon to apply this knowledge and create a transition center for families like us, searching to gather for advancement. The best part of this entire experience is found through our kids and how they see the world now. It is exhilarating to be so free and focused on something much bigger than ourselves. This is the first lesson in our process of discovery. We are part of something much, much bigger than ourselves. Keep watching because the adventure has only begun! Better start packing! All of you will be itching to gather with us soon enough! We look forward to seeing you soon!