Gather * Align * Thrive

Redding California
Redding California

Jolly Giant Flea Market Oct. 2013

Roseburg, Oregon
Roseburg, Oregon

Spring Fair March 2014

Palm Desert, California
Palm Desert, California

College Street Market November 2013

Redding California
Redding California

Jolly Giant Flea Market Oct. 2013


It is our intention to create a spiritual classroom that will facilitate the evolution/development of brain expansion, increase vibration and vitality. We seek an opportunity to become childlike in our learning and self discovery in a sanctuary like environment. 


It is our vision to create a living environment that promotes/encourages enlightenment, self-sufficiency, self reliance, self discovery and self-empowerment.


It is our theory that after detoxification and the introduction of pure super foods, a human being will begin to experience higher vibration accommodating higher awareness. Including a daily commitment to yoga, meditation and alchemy, this beginning curriculum will encourage Pineal gland de-calcification and activation.

We understand the actual potential of the human brain to be far more powerful and capable than we use now.

News 1

We are off agon looking for the next place to gather

News 2

We have completed our route map to give us a little guidence and the rest is up to the UNIVERSE! 


The process in which a group of people could come together in full intent to create an environment conducive for spiritual advancement and evolution. This process will itself be organic and fluid in its growth and change


Once a group of individuals has collective intention they are open to telepathy between them. The right location possesses the energy and vibration that we feel will encourage and increase the entire community’s efforts and intensiveness.

Latest Project


Combining forces to live, play and create will provide the enviroment for a rich life. To thrive is to live with more awareness and fullfillment. To thrive is to live in abundance.  


To generate project funding we are offering TIE DYE Repurposed hospitality linen!


drawstring bags

 flags & neck coolers



News 3

New information on land leases that could really provide liberated land! We need 75 people to apply! check back for more information!