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New Dimensions of Education


Life skills related hands-on education provides an opportunity for students to acquire marketable skills and knowledge working on the job. The classroom provides a basic foundation of theory and instruction, while the workplace provides career and technical education and specialized training. The student is supervised by a teacher coordinator and by an employer. The supervised work activities help the student to assume responsibilities of full-time employment after high school. Job placement is in the community or at the school for specific work experiences.

In-school job training sites are designed to allow students to acquire appropriate attitudes and habits necessary to be successfully employed. The in-school job training site may provide opportunities to practice and improve job skills and job habits. The community job sites are designed to allow the students to participate in community work sites on a part-time basis. Job placement in the community is based upon the strengths and weaknesses of the students. Jobs are selected which are challenging and allow the students to achieve at the highest possible level of performance. Placement is in a competitive employment situation which provides a realistic experience of gaining job skills, establishes good work attitudes, and provides experience in receiving and managing wages.