About us

The OREGON INSTITUTE FOR A BETTER WAY is a nonprofit 501 c (3) educational charity established to educate people on how to live healthier physically and spiritually, be self-sustaining and more ecologically minded.  As a family we have come to recognize the immediate need to reevaluate our ideas of living, producing and learning. This urgent need has become more and more obvious in the world economy, health and security.


These concerns have caused us pause and reconsideration as to what part we desire to play in the future of our world. We want to learn how to be better inhabitants of our clan, our community, our beloved Earth and our grand Universe.  We have created the institute to offer a medium to ponder, explore and practice our ideas that will help our selves, each other and our community as a whole.




Our Family and Tribe

We, students of life, believe there is a common need to organize, to represent ourselves to the public, our mission partners and to introduce a birth to beyond higher education program.
We believe every individual has an unalienable right to the viable pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.
We believe in the development of the whole person towards his/her personal and professional role with its rights, responsibilities and ideals.
We believe every individual possesses inherent spirit and drive to explore and pioneer new ideas and paths of innovation.


Before 2010 



The Graduate Study and Purpose


There is a shift happening in the world around us today and it is causing us to reconsider how we do everything! We are a family of innovators, thinkers and especially dreamers that have set sail on these new perspectives and new ways of approaching life. We have founded an organization that creates environments that foster community, health and the evolution of mind, body and soul.

This thesis explores tangible evidence that once a people gathers together, aligns into a functional cooperative, a natural shift will lead to an organic, holistic harmony that evolves us from working to survive into living to thrive.


This is based on a graduate study in Cultural Anthropology  applying a thesis project that is developing into a dissertation. This program plan was developed to articulate an opportunity to combine higher education and vocational training in such a way to strongly empower the participant. Providing living and industry models designed for hands on introductions to the dimensions of community, education and skills.