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Gather and Align to Thrive


The Action of an individual, a family, a tribe, a community 

We are a family of dreamers, thinkers and innovators, all students of Life. In light of the world current, for lack of a better term, precarious state, we have begun to seriously evaluate our survivability. Like many others in the world, our family has begun to consider our own reaction to small and large scale catastrophe. 

We see that our future is greatly influenced by how we get involved as the local community. The Oregon Institute for A Better Way holds a vision of common purpose in the support of human liberty, community empowerment and resource stewardship. We believe tangible wealth stems from the earth and that a local economy based on the skillful, sensitive use of local, natural resources will provide the best foundation for a sustainable future. 


The Study of hope, empathy and opportunity 

Community is a powerful force for change and the precursor to our entire evolutionary process in our thesis. The gathering of people of their own intention generates an interconnection of commitment to each other. This interconnection can be fostered and encouraged through simple conscious acts. The most powerful act is the planting, processing and sharing of garden foods. 

The Oregon Institute for A Better Way is a nonprofit 501(c)3, educational program where the exploration of new ideas is seeded for the next generation of explorers to harvest. The Institute was founded through a grassroots community action program that began with a graduate thesis research project. This study was developed over a four‐year period and involved extensive public outreach throughout Oregon, California and Arizona including interviews and field reports of the local community efforts, surrounding townships, educational programs, exhibits and multiple public gatherings.


The Application of gathering and aligning to thrive 

It is our vision to develop a community driven system that offers social and health related skills training. This is a community program that acknowledges the character of its collective and offers the support to fulfill needs. The Oregon Institute for A Better Way brings together partners with diverse backgrounds, interests, and expertise around personal and professional education. These cooperative communities recognize the benefit of sharing resources such as kitchens, recreation centers, gardens, tools, equipment and labor. With the proper operating plan and governance standard each person has equality and can afford their own living costs. Combined with technology today, these communities can in turn become viable businesses that support basic needs. Farmers markets, trading posts, educational programs, career models and research can bring revenue to these communities and its inhabitants. 

Planting Seeds of Support, Strength and Structure. 


The Outcomes of such action reveals paths for SERVICE and Opportunity